04 June 2019


On Friday, CNN published an extremely disturbing report (link here) about the absolutely appalling conditions under which new migrants are being housed at the southern border.

It's important to remember that many, if not most, of these people are legal arrivals because they came as refugees seeking asylum.

In one facility, 900 people were crammed into a space with a maximum capacity of 125. People had to stand on toilets in order to breathe.

Notwithstanding that Donald Trump has demonized these people, he and his administration have the responsibility to house them safely and humanely. But right now, they sound like prisoners in some third-world detention camp. Trump and his people must wear the mantle of shame for the inhumanely treatment they now face.

An effective leader thinking outside the box could come up with quick and workable solutions for a problem like this. But Trump is doing nothing, instead wasting time playing golf and watching endless hours of daytime television. What a disgrace.

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