08 June 2015

On the Porch

This lad, named Vadim at least in porn, once looked much more boyish and twinkish. But now he's looking much more like a man. He's bulked up some in the body and, of course, he has a nice thick uncut cock.

In another ten years or so, as long as he keeps in shape, he'll be scorching hot. I have an idea what he'll look like in his thirties and forties. I know a man in Southern California who could be his father the resemblance is so strong.

I've seen the older acquaintance in a bathing suit, and he's quite ripped and very easy on the eyes. Unfortunately, he's straight and married, so I've never seen what kind of meat he's packing, but he has a quite noticeable bulge where it counts.

The originals for these photos are much larger than they appear below and have been archived here in their full-size vesion.


  1. Anonymous07:08

    Un perfecto espectáculo de hombre. Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. gerardo13:35

    Vadim es un auténtico bellezón que puede llegar a provocar el sidrome de Stendhal en personas especialmente sensibles!!!
    Espero no soñar con él esta noche...


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