16 June 2015

Safe for Work Studs

I'd be the first to admit this blog is probably something you couldn't enjoy in a workplace where your screen might be seen. Unless you have a particularly open-minded employer or are self-employed or have an enclosed private office with a door, too many hard cocks are on display here for most workplaces.

Alternatively, Fit Studs is a site to enjoy in front of coworkers without sending anyone into cardiac arrest because of hard-core activities. The men are all fit, mostly shirtless, and otherwise safe for office consumption. The blog also has a Tumblr feed with the identical images.


  1. Anonymous08:33

    Inmejorables.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Anonymous02:32

    The guy in pic 7 i've seen this before...i am in love! Any idea who he is...he fiiiiiine!!! I'll go to the links kindly given and i'll have a search...

  3. Much, much love to you! ^_^


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