26 June 2015

Prostate Probe

Sarge has been having some problems with his prostate, so he visits Doctor Rafael. "When I jack off, right before I cum, I feel a little pain behind my balls."

"I could clear things out with my special prostate probe," the doctor offers. "But I'll have to get you hard first."

"Sounds good, Doc," Sarge replies and yanks down his jeans. "But I think I'm a halfway hard already thinking about your probe."

The good doctor quickly performs the necessary preparations, making sure Sarge is rigidly hard. The eager patient then helps the doctor ready his special probe for insertion.

"Now turn around and grab hold of something firm," the doctor instructs. "This may hurt at first, but you'll soon find the experience isn't unpleasant. And in order to really clear things up for you, I may need to pump my probe in and out really vigorously for an hour or more."

"Whatever it takes," Sarge says eagerly. "Pound as long as you like."

As the doctor expertly begins his procedure, he tells his grimacing patient that "for best results, I advise returning to my office every two weeks so I can repeat this probe procedure."

"Sounds great," Sarge shouts over the pounding. "How ever many times you want, doctor, I'm more than happy to comply."

The originals for these photos are huge and total thirty in number. To download the complete set for free, be sure to click here.


  1. Raphael could probe me anytime!

  2. I would love to check your prostate that way!

  3. Hi! A tip: you have to look at Scotty Marx. Why? Better watch that body!

  4. I could definitely get behind that idea...and that sarge!!!!

  5. Anonymous10:36

    I think Raphael has had butt implants put in. His butt side view just doesn't look normal to his body and seems to have an extra bulge in his ass.


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