24 June 2015

The Rutting Beast

Rogan is back again today, this time in action. The various online porn websites have a variety of his videos, and these three in particular rang my chimes.

First up, he tops admirably with his usual gusto and delivers a big, thick facial to his lover. In the second video, he tops two lads in the bedroom. And last, but not least, he tops another two lads, this time on the living room couch.

If you'd rather watch on the source webpages or to download your own free copies, for the duo with facial click here, the bedroom threeway click here, and the living room couch threeway click here.


  1. Anonymous05:54

    Amo a super Rogan. Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Anonymous11:08

    On my system I cannot get these videos to appear on your site. Just sayin.

    1. They may be blocked by your ISP. That's why I also post direct links to the source webpages. Hopefully you can follow those and enjoy.

  3. Anonymous05:30

    Whew !! Thanks for 3 great vids w/ ultimate macho hunk, Rogan ! Oh, man--watching him enjoying his studly furry pecs & pierced tits pinched--pulled--sucked by another hot meaty brute has gotta be just---well--ahh !!

  4. He is a macho man who goes for the gusto!!!! Love that!!!


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