29 August 2015

Standing Sixty-Nine

I haven't seen this scene in like twenty years. It's one of my favorites with Zak Spears.

I believe this is from one of the last movies I saw in a porn theater. If you sat in a certain section of the audience, the standing rule was that an anonymous bloke would sit down beside you and give you a silent blowjob.

I remember watching the movie and being very well serviced at the same time. When Mr. Anonymous was done, he moved onto another lad in the audience and gave him a freebie. And so on and so on. I guess he was on an all-cum diet.

If you'd rather watch this on the source webpage or to download your own free copy, be sure to click here.


  1. Anonymous08:16

    Deliciosa. Amigo venezolano,CUCUTA

  2. Anonymous21:06

    i always liked cutie bottom SCOTT BALDWIN, he made only 5 or 6 'big' gay porn movies, the biggest probably 1995's FLASHPOINT with HAL ROCKLAND. scott was in other smaller video's as well, i loved everything he was in, i questioned some of the guy's he did scenes with like this ZAK guy (so gross!). supposedly scott is a middle-aged escort in the DC area and has been for many years & supposedly has a kid or two. i also remember around 1997ish the rumors of scott being the disgruntled/angry son of 1960's teen idol BOBBY SHERMAN - but never heard if it was true or false.


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