19 August 2015

Titanic Tim

Tim Kruger leads a charmed life. He has a big fat dick and makes a nice living topping other lads and then selling the videos.

Linked here are two of his sizzling recent videos where he delivers his trademark aggressive fucking and big creamy load. As is typical in most of his flicks, he's hard throughout and never, ever has wood problems.

He's originally from Germany and now lives in Barcelona. He's exclusively a top and never has a problem finding hot and eager bottoms who love being pounded into the next time zone.

First up is the eager and horny Dale Cooper who gets fucked on Tim's terrace. He's followed in Tim's home gym by ripped hottie Darius Ferdynand, who often tops but must surrender his manhole to Tim.

If you'd rather watch on the source webpages or to download your own free copies, for Tim and Dale click here and for Tim with Darius click here.


  1. I think Tim has one of the best cocks in porn. Not only is his man meat enormous but it's pretty to look at too. I'd submit to his cock any day. Guess I have to make a trip to Barcelona. :)


  2. Anonymous13:54

    Dale Cooper's no slouch, either. That's a pairing made in heaven (but what else should we expect from "Gods and Men"?


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