26 November 2015

Ready for Stuffing

Here are some hot amateur lads from a set of fifteen I put together featuring ordinary blokes brave enough to post their nude shots on the web. They may not by gym bunny model hot but all look perfect for snuggling on a cold November night

The originals for these are larger than they appear below and are collected together with similar lads in an online gallery here (mirror here) or you may download all of them in a free zipped folder by clicking here.

Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans!


  1. Anonymous07:18

    ❤️the smaller-dicked dude in the first shot!

    1. Oh yeah! That rug fur Would feel delicious on my dick!

  2. Anonymous07:24

    2, 5,6,7, y 8- Amigo venezolano,Cucuta.


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