27 November 2015

Sam the Man

This is Sam, who is purportedly straight and into older women. He's not model hot but he has a very nice physique. I can see why cougars would be crawling all over him.

He's said to be 26, stands 5'11, and weights 170 pounds. He obviously spends time at the gym, but also outdoors, too.

He has a curious variety of farmer's tan -- his arms are colored by the sun. If you look closely, you'll see the darkness is made up of many freckles but no actual tanned skin.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total more than fifty in number. To download the complete set for free, be sure to click here.


  1. Anonymous10:41

    I think this is about the 3rd guy in a row that you have posted and they pretty much all have the same body types.. . .so I think we are seeing what your type is. He looks like a straight guy that is badly in need of some manscaping and a few hard months in the gym training. Very average Joe here... .and to me, honestly, not that attractive unless I had a few drinks and were really horny. Then MAYBE. Just sayin! oh yeah, that bright white farmer skin.. well, needs a little color. Of course Im being a little overly critical but I figure if they are gonna put themselves out there to be photographed and leave so much to be desired then they can take the feedback for sure.

    1. Chip18:25

      Wat? This dude is hella cut. Bet he spends lots more time in the gym than you? Let's see your pix if you're so hot.

  2. Nice body. Those enormous shoulders, pecs & almost visible abs.


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