11 November 2015

The Courier

This is one of my favorite porn scenes. I featured it here on the blog six years ago, but the original was long ago deleted on the source webpage. So I was happy to see someone else had posted it recently on Xvideos.

The courier is played by Ross Hurston, and the executive top is Kurt Rogers. Both lads are at their sexual and physical peak here, in my opinion. Hurston has retired from porn, but Rogers still appears onscreen occasionally.

If you prefer watching on the source webpage, or to download your own free copy, you should click here.


  1. Anonymous05:22

    Kurt, es fanatastico.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. I'm surprised that desk was still standing.

  3. Hot. I don't even mind the top being bald since he's that handsome. :)


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