08 January 2016

Classic Aiden

A long-time reader shared his large collection of Aiden Shaw still photos with me recently. Aiden was a major pornstar from his appearance in 1992 to his retirement in 2004. I believe he only ever topped, or at least that's all I remember seeing him doing with his amazing uncut cock.

Since then, Aiden has become a top legit model, working in Europe, and has appeared in scores of the top mainstream magazines and advertising campaigns for major designers. Possibly because of a lingering Puritanical influence in the United States, his post-porn work is not often seen.

The photo collection features more than two hundred images of Aiden, with the majority featuring him today in various legit ad and editorial campaigns. The entire group can be downloaded in a free zipped folder by clicking here.


  1. The man is a star. He looks even better now. So handsome and rocking that grey hair.

  2. Anonymous07:01

    Wow he looks great grey!!!

  3. Anonymous12:43

    Como los buenos vinos. Amigo venezolano,cucuta

  4. Thanks a lot for the collection.


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