04 January 2016


This hot strapping bloke might look familiar to you: he's sometime pornstar/sometime model Marco. He used to be more diminutive and boyish, but after taking more than a year off following back surgery, he's returned looking bigger and more macho with a full beard, bulging muscles, and body hair.

He's walking proof of my belief that many lads don't really blossom into menhood until at least their later twenties. He was a twink early in his career, then morphed more into a well muscled shaved prettyboy. Now he's all man.

A native of Italy, Marco is 28, stands 5'11, and weighs around 185 pounds. He's versatile in porn although primarily appears as a bottom. He's also proud to admit he's only had sex with a woman once in his life, so he's definitely not gay-for-pay.

The pictures below are all recent selfies he's taken and are part of a set with more than four hundred Marco photos, mostly professionally done and many with partners in hardcore action. To download the entire set in a free zipped folder, you'll want to click right here.


  1. He doesn't look familiar to me butt I'd love to get familiar with Him 😆

  2. Anonymous11:32

    One of my favs for sure...and i completely agree, he really has come into his own...lordy what a body, those legs, the abs...the ass! Love to see a rematch with Rogan Richards and him. I need to go lie down and think about his some more...

  3. This guy has a perfect ass!

  4. so is it mario or marco? either way i like the whole package :)

    1. Marco. Thanks for the catch -- I've fixed it now.

  5. Handsome AF, he makes a good top, when he's looking butch, of course. :D

  6. Chet11:19

    A true god - thanks for sharing all of these great pixtures.


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