21 January 2016

The Cellmates' Reunion

Two days after Jimmy is released from prison where he served four years for insider trading, his phone rings. It's his former cellmate Sean, paroled the week before after serving seven years for armed robbery.

"I want you here sucking my cock," Sean growls into the phone. "Get your ass over here right now."

"You know we're no supposed to consort with ex-cons once we're released."

"Consort," Sean snorts. "What the fuck kind of pussy word is that? Don't you want my fat cock pounding your man cunt?"

"You told me you never touched men outside prison. And what about your wife?"

"Bitch left me. Ain't nobody ever sucked cock like you, baby."

Jimmy knows he should just hang up. But he can feel he's throbbing hard in his jeans. He needs it bad. He can't help himself.

"I'll be there in ten minutes," Jimmy whispers into the phone with a resigned sigh. "I'm on my way out the door."

"Good boy," Sean responds. "I'm rock hard just hearing your voice again."

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  1. Anonymous07:24

    Jimmy recordó viejos tiempos.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Chet12:26

    hot story!

  3. Anonymous13:06

    Who are the two actors

    1. Chet19:47

      Jimmy Fanz & Sean Duran


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