06 January 2016

Marco Then and Now

Here are two hot videos that show how Marco has matured in the last two years. (To refresh your memory, he was featured here earlier this week in still photos.)

The first scene was made in the autumn of 2013. He has a very nice body but still looks rather boyish. The second scene was just made a few weeks ago, and you can see how much more there is of Marco to love.

If you'd rather watch either or both of these videos on the source webpages, or to download your own free copies, you'll want to click here for the 2013 video and here for the 2015 video.


  1. Anonymous05:17

    When it comes to looks, it's clear the intervening two years were not that kind to him.

    1. Chet09:12

      I disagree. He's become more handsome.

  2. Anonymous07:24

    La versatilidad es su progreso. Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  3. He's hot in both.
    A man should eat that ass up before he sticks it.


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