09 July 2018

A Spectacular Failure

While running for President and after being sworn into office, Donald Trump repeatedly declared how he would solve the problem of North Korea, notwithstanding he had no foreign policy nor defense experience. At one point, he said he could handle the problem and develop a solution within an hour.

Flash forward to the second year of his presidency and his attempt at diplomacy with North Korea has become an unmitigated disaster. He thought he was "strong" and could bully North Korea, but they're now just making a fool of Trump and the United States as well.

Nowhere was this more evident than in the disastrous North Korea trip made by Trump's Secretary of State just this weekend (details here). Less than two years into his administration, Trump is already on his second Secretary of State, and neither of his choices had any prior diplomatic experience. The results of that experiential deficiency was obvious this weekend in Pyongyang.

Trump foolishly thinks diplomacy and foreign policy are easy and that he's bound to succeed, simply because he thinks he's "smart." This is evidenced in the fact that he doesn't even bother reading the briefing details before he meets with foreign leaders (details here).

But when it comes to diplomacy, "winging it" is not a strategy. It is a formula for disaster. You can't just bullshit foreign leaders, as Trump does, and expect then to eat out of your hand. More likely they'll bite your hand for patronizing them.

This will not end well. All we can hope for is that the horrible ending won't be all-consuming.

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