01 July 2018


Donald Trump will meet with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin on July 16 for no necessary reason. Putin is one of several international dictators whom he constantly praises yet never criticizes.

Russia has never been an American ally. For nearly one hundred years, it has been an American adversary. Yet Trump is excited about meeting the Russian autocrat while regularly trashing America's long-time allies like Canada, France, and Britain.

In statements about the meeting, Trump lavished praise on Putin while trashing President Obama (details here). No other sitting President has ever demeaned a predecessor like this before.

Concurrent to Trump's planned love-fest with Putin, Trump has been trashing NATO, of which the United States is a key member (details here), and also trashed the WTO, of which the United States is a charter member (details here). Either or both moves would substantially weaken the United States' international position and erase nearly a century of progress.

This is the kind of hobbled America that Putin would love to see. And an American President is eagerly trying to do that for him.

Meanwhile, Republicans say nothing while Trump trashes America's legacy. Outraged Democrats are called "sore losers" and worse and then ignored.

Various published reports have long said that certain important individuals in the intelligence community both in the United States and Britain believe Russia turned Trump as an asset in the 1980s in exchange for a ready source of financing whenever he needed it.

That may sound like the fantasies of an overeager thriller writer, but sometimes it seems the only logical explanation for Trump's reckless behavior of hurting America while simultaneously helping and praising Russia.

We have gone through the looking glass. Is there any hope of ever going back?

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