03 July 2018

An Inconvenient Date

The New Yorker published a short piece last week (link here) that underscoring how Donald Trump's court trial over his charitable foundation, which he has pretty obviously used to enrich himself, will happen right before the midterms this fall.

As the article notes, "the judge in the case, Saliann Scarpulla, made a series of comments and rulings from the bench that hinted -- well, all but screamed -- that she believes the Trump family has done some very bad things."

Meaning this trial could be very embarassing for Trump and hurt his party's midterm chances this year. It could show, per the article, that "the Trump Foundation evolved from a mere tax-avoidance scheme into an instrument for carrying out potential acts of campaign-finance fraud."

Trump's lawyers tried to delay the trial because of the midterms, but the judge merely laughed at that and said not only that they would proceed and that Trump himself may be required to appear at the trial. And as the U.S. Supreme Court already ruled long before Trump was elected, a sitting President cannot delay a civil trial or refuse to appear simply because he has an important office.

Definitely stay tuned for this and mark your calendar for October.

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