06 July 2018

Gone, Baby, Gone

Donald Trump's highly controversial Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt resigned yesterday (details here). As the linked article notes, Pruitt was "one of the most scandal-plagued Cabinet officials in U.S. history."

As scandal after scandal piled up, Trump stood by Pruitt. For someone who claimed he had gone to Washington to "drain the swamp," the feckless President was curiously quiet about the boggiest creature in his own administration.

While Pruitt's many scandals garnered most of the headlines, the wholesale destruction he caused at the environmental agency was the true tragedy. Pruitt was determined to damage the environment, not protect it. While he may soon be gone, it will take a long time to erase the damage he's done.

We cannot expect that his replacement will be much better. Trump will undoubtedly nominate another candidate who will not protect the environment. This destruction will continue through the end of trump's hopefully single term.

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