14 February 2020

Creature of Habit

During Donald Trump's impeachment trial, several Republican Senators publicly speculated that the President would be more retrained in the future, that he would "learn his lesson" from the whole experience.

Fat chance.

Less than a week after the trial's disgraceful ending, Trump is once again trying to extort personal benefits through a quid pro quo by using the power of his office (details here). This time the victim of his shakedown is New York State.

He's offering to do something for them — and in public on Twitter, no less — in return for their stopping investigations and lawsuits directed at him personally, his family, and his business.

It's Ukraine all over again but even worse this time.

If he's doing this in public, how many times has he done this in private but the public hasn't found out? How many times more will he do it while remaining in office.

This corruption must end. We need to do everything we can to see he's soundly defeated in November.

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