16 April 2018

A Quick Death

The Daily Beast published a well written and optimistic article on Saturday (link here) with the title "LGBT ‘Conversion Therapy’ Is Dying a Quick Death Across America. Good."

The article notes that a number of primarily coastal states and jurisdictions have recently outlawed conversion therapy thanks to bipartisan support. The bad news, however, is that the heartland of so-called red states has been largely intractable on this issue.

Refreshingly, while the United States often lags Canada and Western Europe on social issues, the Yanks are on the vanguard of this issue while the Canucks and Euros lag behind and are slower to ban the practice.

The Republican-controlled Congress in Washington, however, has shown no traction on this issue. Democrats have introduced ban legislation, but then it dies a slow death through legislative inaction, thanks to the GOP.

Some studies have shown that less than 5 percent of Americans have a positive impression of conversion therapy, while more than half of Americans have a deeply negative opinion. It is therefore disheartening to realize that conservative politicians are pandering the very small fraction of the populace while ignoring the vast majority on this issue.


  1. I don't know where your infos are coming from but as a Canadian I don't recall of any «conversion therapy» that are done here in Canada.

    We are even more in advance than most of USA's states on ALL LGBTQ rights and this since 1982 and even before.
    Gays here can marry, adopt kids and live normal lives as any straights.

    We even have in Province de Québec a community group named «GRIS» who are going in schools to promote and educate on the rights of a gay guy to live his life as normal as possible.
    This «GRIS» group isn't the only one to help and educate but all part of our society is well aware that being gay isn't a choice and it can be very normal to live a normal and productive life as a LGBTQ.

    Gays in our country are protected by our Canadian Charter of Rights and Liberty and gays are very well part of all fields of society here.

    So I think you should validate more your sources because what you are putting in front is totally false.

    NO CONVERSION THERAPY is in law here in Canada and more, our federal government adopted a law helping transgender men and women to go through their change of sex in all fields like medical, psychological and social aspect of the issue.
    In our schools and work places etc. transgender people are well accepted and some are even public figures.

    Hope you put more attention to your information sources because Canada and mainly Province of Québec is gay friendly and our rights are one of the most advanced in the world.

  2. Anonymous05:31

    Me alegra este pensamiento progresista sobre todos aquellos intransigentes y radicales.
    Suave y dulce trasero este.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta


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