02 April 2018

The Island of Misfit Toys

Yesterday, Axios published a short compilation article (link here) about how, instead of consulting world-class experts on the nation's problems like all recent modern Presidents, Donald Trump's inner circle is made up of media clowns, charlatans, and crackpots.

Trump has long been known as gathering yes-men and sycophants around him who will keep reinforcing his own self-destructive tendencies as opposed to people who who tell him what he should hear, even if it is painful. This is a behavior commonly scene in third-world despots, not American Presidents.

The President has also done this with his own staff. Chief of Staff John Kelly is widely seen as a moderating force in the White House, but Trump has marginalized him and is reportedly trying to ease him out the door.

Trump did the same with his National Security Advisor, H. R. McMaster, another moderating voice who was pushed into resigning and will be gone next week. He will be replaced by the inflammatory John Bolton who is widely known to be another Trump coddler who caters to the President's worst instincts.

Searching for historical models for this disastrous style of executive management in the White House are not difficult. Both George W. Bush and Richard Nixon were notorious for surrounding themselves with ego-fluffers who simply parroted back what their Presidents said to them whilst shielding them from the truth as a result.

It's no surprise then that Trump, the younger Bush, and Nixon are all ranked by historians as three of the worst Presidents in history. There is every sign that Trump will continue to double-down in this self-destructive tendency, but unfortunately the American people and the nation will suffer as a result.


  1. And it's not over since the last «fired» or «resigning» man is Saulkin that will jeopardise hundred of thousands veterans with their lives.

    This president is acting like a real fool clown and as a chicken without head.

    In initiating a economic war with so many countries, he is more isolating USA which will result of huge lost on jobs. The contrary of what «HE» wants to do.
    I'm such glad that China is responding promptly to USA's non sense tarifications. China doesn't need USA to be an economic super power and is already the world leader in economic growth.

    The last demand from Trumpty Dumpty to calm this war with China by asking them to accept that USA cars exportations could be as 500 000 per year. The funny thing it that USA has issues even exporting to China more than 50 000 cars. A real JOKE.
    Is this the kind of super dealer man that «45» say he is? Really a big joker.

    He thinks he's a Santa Claus to USA but he is just the worst brainless dwarf ever...

  2. Anonymous06:13

    Esperemos que si este nefasto personaje no es removido de su cargo,entoces sea castigado por los votos y borrado de la historia.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta


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