08 April 2018

The Last Temptation

The current issue of The Atlantic is running a superb article by a well known conservative writer (link here) about the extreme hypocrisy of evangelical so-called Christians who support Donald Trump, a cruel, craven, covetous, corrupt, and profane man.

The piece is on the longer side but I urge you to read it because it underscores how so-called Christians completely accept Trump's rampantly immoral life and behavior whilst condemning men who love men in the same breath. A free audio download of the entire article is also available on the linked article page, and that can be downloaded using a free SoundCloud access page (link here).

How is it entirely morally acceptable to embrace an entirely un-Christian man who openly brags about sexually assaulting women and grabbing them by their pussies whilst damning two Christian men who love each other?

What would Jesus do?


  1. Anonymous04:27

    La doble moral de los supuestos cristianos, dan ganas de vomitar.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Very accurate post again today and I must admit I was wondering how those so calles «USA Christians» can continue to support that sinful prĂ©sident.

    Those so called Christians seems to miss the most fundamental law in Jesus teaching which is all about LOVE, unconditional LOVE as HE himself had shown it by accepting Mary Magdalena and the bad guy beside him on the cross.

    USA is such a country of contradictions that this isn't surprising to see that much HATE and non acceptance of different people because those Christians are afraid to go further and be going by Jesus main law. They fear that it could be armful for their quiet and confortable little life.

    Those conservatives are such hypocrites and are still living like if they're in the early 20th century.

    When GUNS lobby of the NRA can be accepted from those same Christians, no surprises they're going to be haters of the LGBT rights and even against the black civil rights too.
    The same states that are pro-segregation are those who are from the same «Bible Belt».

    Only when religion will be separated from the civil and politic power in USA then, maybe, things will begin to evolve in more human and equality rights for ALL Americans no matter race, religion or sexual orientation.

    Thank God, I live in Canada..


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