24 April 2018


Americans overwhelmingly support net neutrality. A recent survey shows that a whopping 83 percent support keeping the net neutrality rules passed during the Obama administration (details here).

Net neutrality means that all data from all sources flows into and out of your IP service at exactly the same rate. So if you're downloading school or work materials, that's coming in at the same rate as a movie you're downloading. Repealing net neutrality means certain companies' products can stream faster on the Internet, while other material, particularly from not-for-profit sources, can be slowed by internet service companies.

The Trump administration has gone out of its way to kill net neutrality, notwithstanding the huge majority of people who support keeping it. Yesterday, an important calendar milestone expired on the road to killing net neutrality (details here). It's no longer a question of whether they'll expire but when that exact date will be.

Chances are you will see slower speeds on your internet service in a few months, particularly for sites that don't pay a premium for hits. It's also a means to making sure certain voices are drowned out on the internet.

Why did the Trump administration want to repeal a rule that 83 percent of Americans support? There are two reasons: big corporations don't like net neutrality and authoritarian governments don't like net neutrality.

Trump said he would be the advocate for the ordinary American. His stance and actions on net neutrality, however, show that's nothing but a bald-faced lie, one of many he's told. He's totally abandoned ordinary Americans. Unless you're really rich, you don't matter.

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