17 April 2018

Devastating Defeat

Yesterday afternoon, a federal judge in Manhattan handed down a evastating defeat for Donald Trump and his attorney/fixer Michael Cohen (details here), the latter whose offices were raided by the FBI last week. Cohen's attorneys filed for an emergency restraining order last week to stop prosecutors from reviewing the seized and voluminous material.

Yesterday's ruling blocked that attempt, meaning prosecutors and not Trump nor Cohen are in the driver's seat on this matter. Trump is one of Cohen's only three clients, so the presumption is that a significant majority of the seized material relates to the President.

Various news outlets have already reported that Cohen, who is now the subject if a federal criminal investigation, was an essential facilitator in white collar crime on behalf of Trump. It has been widely reported that Trump now fears the Cohen matter will be his undoing, not the Mueller investigation. The case is being handled by the Manhattan Division of the US Attorneys' Office.

Cohen's files, now in the hands of federal investigators, may turn out to hold the smoking gun that ends the Trump presidency. Stay tuned.


  1. That news was good to those who wants the truth to come out on Trumpty Dumpty's secrets.

    What was the other bombshell was to know that Sean Hannity was also a «friend» or «client» of Michael Cohen.
    Hannity is now looking bad and with his ancre job on «Fuck News» he is trying to get out of this Titanic sinking ship.
    I hope that this viper tongue Hannity will suffer from it, he who is so rude when he talks on «Fuck News».

    With the Mueller investigation «45's» picture is beginning to show out at large to all Americans that have open eyes and not blinded by their ignorance like his d├ęplorable unconditional followers.

    This USA Washington soap show is the most thrilling and pathetic story to follow since Watergate and the Clinton affairs.

    Yes, we stay tuned to see the soon «season ending» and more to end that bad show.

  2. Anonymous13:19

    Interesting that the Manhattan US Attorney's Office is doing this. As I recall it was the Manhattan FBI office that led Comey to reopen the Clinton e-mail investigation. It was said they were in Giuliani's pocket.

    Come for the commentary -- stay for the porn.

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