10 April 2018

The Raid

Yesterday was a big news day. The New York Times broke the fast-moving story that FBI agents raided the Manhattan offices of Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's longtime personal attorney (details here). Some of the documents seized involve payment of hush money to pornstar Stormy Daniels.

Vanity Fair broke the story a few hours later that FBI agents also raided Cohen's Manhattan hotel room (link here).

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, currently conducting the criminal probe into Trump and his associates, found evidence of felony violations outside the scope of his investigation. The matter was then referred to federal prosecutors in the New York area for investigation and prosecution, who then applied for warrants for yesterday's raids.

Shortly thereafter, the Washington Post broke the story (link here) that Cohen is being investigated for illegal campaign contributions and bank fraud.

Rather than remain silent, once again Trump opened his yap and wailed about how these were not lawfully executed raids (details here). Many of the subpoenas and other necessary documents were approved by a variety of federal judges, all appointed by Republicans.

Trump claimed FBI agents "broke into" Cohen's offices and that the raid was "an attack on our country." Both claims are blatant lies.

Get over yourself, Donny. When you break the law, you have to pay the price. Lawfully executed search and seizure warrants are not an attack on our country. They're an attack on your criminality.


  1. Well said.

    When I heard «45» telling his bad feelings, I was flabbergasted to see how a «president» can say such insanities.

    IF «HE» has nothing criminal to hide this big mouth should just shut up and let legal inquiries do the job.

    «HE» is such a disgrace to USA, its constitution and all USA people.

    I took my courage by two hands and switched to «Fucks News» to see how they were following the case.
    What a surprise that the panel was just on the spot right to blame «45» attitude and say that this «raid» was made in full legal way.


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