08 August 2013

Trucker Fucker

This is another one of those mystery photos I found online but don't know anything about him. Google's image search did not turn up anything other than a few blogs and other amateur sites that had also featured the photo.

It has something of a porn look to it, like it was the first shot in a series. But if that was the case, then Google's image search should've turned up something.

So he remains a mystery. Whomever he is, I don't think he spends too many nights alone in interestate motels. If you know anything, please chime in below in the comments section.


  1. Anonymous02:46

    Indeed I will chime in, and thank you for asking...DOUBLE ...NAY TRIPLE...WOOF!!!

  2. That guy could cause an unsuspecting trucker to shift his load.

    Leo G.

  3. Anonymous18:23

    I know one thing, what a nice compact body, Sweet...love to "take care" of him!!

  4. Richtig geiler Kerl, hat sicher einen schönen Schwanz


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