15 July 2014

Beefy Ty

You may recognize this lad, who appeared in porn for a few years as Ty LeBeouf before seemingly disappearing off the smut radar. I wonder what happened to him? I always want to know the end to stories like this.

Did he fall in love, and his boyfriend asked him to leave porn? Is he actually straight and now he's married with kids? Did he turn religious and is now Reverend Ty counseling troubled souls? Anyone know?

These pictures are extra large, so to see and save the entire set of fourteen, please click here.


  1. Anonymous06:34

    No, he's definitely gay. He used to have a profile on BigMuscle.com. He might still. Name is Ricky and he lived somewhere in Louisiana, Baton Rouge or thereabouts as I remember. I first saw him on a reality series on MTV that he did with his then partner, who was a very sexy black man, about two gay guys negotiating life as a couple in LA. But they broke up, and he bulked up and did porn in order to put himself through school. I believe he got a degree and began working as a radiology technician and, having gotten through school, he had no more need for porn and gave it up. He's a very sexy beast indeed. I loved how he really worked on his ass and legs and made them incredibly sexy. I could do without the silly tribal tattoo, but he'll definitely do!


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