12 July 2014

His Wife Doesn't Suspect

Martha has no reason to suspect her husband of any infidelities. She never finds a woman's long hairs on his clothes. He never smells of a woman's perfume nor has she ever found lipstick on his collars.

Martha knows he works in an office with a staff that's 100 percent male. So she assumes her husband is entirely faithful and never strays. He just hangs out with the guys on his lunch breaks.

How little Martha really knows.

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  1. Anonymous07:00

    Pobre Martha. no sabe lo bien que se lo pasa su marido en el trabajo,Amigo venezolano,Cucuta.

  2. Anonymous10:30

    I didn't see a wedding ring on either guy. This aside, everyone knows that all married men are straight.

    1. Yeah, like me.


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