31 July 2014

The Meat Cutters

I very much like this set for a variety of reasons. First, Landon Conrad. He's almost always hot looking in anything he does. I like his beard here, too, as it's a little fuller than usual. Clean-shaven Landon is very fine, but I prefer bearded better.

I also have a thing for well built men in snug black T-shirts. A good looking man with big arms usually looks better in black that clings to his torso.

And I always appreciate photo sets with huge images and subdued watermarks. I refuse to use pictures here on this blog with big-ass billboard like watermarks taking up a third to a half of the picture.

As mentioned, these are massive photos, which are archived here for free to inspect and save. These lads are supposed to be meat cutters, by the way. The only real meat I see are tubesteaks, but that's perfectly fine.


  1. Wish they kept their jeans in but otherwise hot men!

  2. Anonymous05:21

    hope to see the video of these two hot men tomm.


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