14 July 2014

Brad Pitt's Kid Brother

This lad, named Alex Chambers, isn't really Brad Pitt's brother. I would be surprised, though, if his resemblance to the famous actor went unnoticed by the photographer or producer who produced this set.

I've only ever seen Alex do one solo jerkoff scene, so unless he appeared under another name unknown to me, this is all we'll probably ever see of him without his pants. Too bad, because he has a very nice body and beautiful thick, uncut cock.

Full frontal nude shots of the real Brad Pitt surfaced some years ago. He's average hung and appears cut, so he certainly doesn't resemble his "brother" down there.

The Alex photos are much larger than they appear below, so click here to see and save the full set of ten.


  1. Anonymous06:39

    Hermoso.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Anonymous13:55

    Brad Pitt's much better looking, in my opinion.


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