11 July 2014

Sergeant Sex

I believe he's a USMC sergeant, but I'm not an expert on American uniforms so I could be very wrong. I suspect this is the real deal and not some model.

He can waterboard me anytime he'd like. I hope he takes that shirt off first, however. Better yet, he should take off his whole uniform and waterboard me whilst we're both naked.

Or skip the waterboarding and he can come for a naked swim with my boyfriend and I in our pool. I've always wanted to try diving board sex.

The original photo is much larger, so click here for that.


  1. Thank you for your Service Sir

  2. Navy Petty Officer Third Class and Navy Seal too I believe! HOT as fuck!

  3. Anonymous11:15

    He's a Navy Petty Officer 1st Class and yes he is a Navy Seal from Seal Group One.


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