07 July 2014

Tube Crush

I discovered Tube Crush by accident. The site collects candid shots from various sources of hot blokes spotted on the London Underground and metropolitan commuter trains.

The Tube is widely used by all social classes in London because surface streets can easily become snarled in terrible gridlock. The Underground is usually clean and safe, so you can see anyone there, from anonymous people to famous faces.

And like any modern mass-transit conveyance, there are no shortage of attractive men. I've collected ten shots I liked from Tube Crush and put them in a free folder here, with four of them appearing below. Yes, I have a weakness for readers with nice arms. Brains and brawn are catnip for me.


  1. Anonymous07:50

    I remember years ago when Id visit NYC and be on the subways and I would meet all kinds of guys on the trains. I remember one in particular. His name was Michael. WOW. What a hot man he was. And HE was the one that was cruising ME as I recall. About as far as it went was just talking but I sure wish I would have taken it farther. He was definitely a model type dressed like a wall street exec. WOW is all I can say. Of course I had met chicks on the trains too. . One in particular that I carried on a pen pal thing with for months. BUT the one that got away was Michael. I often wonder where he is now. Of course that was like 15 years ago now. And when guys were more friendly and certainly more into me. hehehe.. Things are different now.. Times have changed.

  2. Mmmmmm....... (Was that out loud?... ....)

  3. Imagine the nightmare I have to go through every single day in London eheheheheh


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