03 July 2014

Go Hard or Go Home

I was in a shop recently and saw a bloke wearing a T-shirt that read "Go Hard or Go Home." I'm all for that. More blokes need to go around hard.

I've always had a weakness for a hot stud who stands with a raging boner he doesn't touch; hence, the idea for today's theme was born. The pictures below are part of a larger set, so click here to see and save.


  1. Anonymous07:37

    Once again you've proved you have a discerning eye for hot men. However, it bears noting that over the years, you've also shown a "weakness" for different traits in men.

  2. Dayum! You have such excellent taste in men! These men are too HAWT!!

  3. I would amend that to "Go home hard with me"

  4. I love being a man and that wonderful change that comes over us when we get an erection!!!!

  5. Anonymous12:00

    These fellows are all part of the Titan studios stable. The first bloke is British (though I can't remember his name); he has explosive orgasms and really seems to enjoy himself when he's getting fucked.


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