06 October 2014

Brawny Bottom

Landon is looking mighty fine these days. He's always been easy on the eye, but he now has a really powerful, strong build without that over-inflated look. He's a total man's man. He makes me want to growl and sniff at the door.

The fact that he's versatile makes him all the more appealing and alluring. He can handle Jarec's rough poking as easily as he can dish out plenty of tough love as a top. He expects to be fucked the way he fucks.

The originals of these photos are huge and from a set numbering one hundred. They're particularly nice because some are shot in close sequence so you can see how Landon's facial reaction changes when that big fat cock goes sliding into his tight ass. And you can download the entire set for free by clicking here here


  1. Anonymous07:36

    Tanto Landon como Jarec lucen estupendos.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Anonymous13:49

    Landon...those arms, that chest...f*%king beautiful!!!

  3. Anonymous06:40

    This is --in my opinion--possibly one of this stud's HOTTEST performances--Thanks for pointing out available play-by-play photo records !! Another great way to enjoy him--and his equally stud-ly partner--!!


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