10 October 2014

That Weekend With the Professor

After graduation, Professor Dirk invited Colby to visit his remote cabin for the weekend. The older man had been his favorite instructor in the university, so he was glad to accept the invitation.

The professor cooked a magnificent dinner, complemented by several bottles of fine wine and some excellent after-dinner cannabis. When Colby returned from the men's room to join his mentor in conversation, however, before he could sit down on the sofa again, he realized that somehow his cock was in the professor's mouth, who was sucking it with gusto.

Thanks to the wine and the pot, Colby was thoroughly baked so he struggled with how to register his objection tactfully. Before he could speak up, he began to realize that the professor was an excellent cocksucker and was giving him the best blowjob he had ever had. So he sat and was content with the wise older man's attentions.

After the instructor had drained the lad's testicles, he suggested his pupil might find further relief by fucking his professor in the ass. Colby wasn't sure if it was the pot or the wine that made his cock harden when the professor said this, but he soon found he was shedding his shorts and assaulting his mentor's bunghole, an endeavor he found far more satisfying than any girlfriend's snatch.

Once he had shot his second load deep into his instructor's gut, the latter suggested a turn of the tables and stood and began rather assertively pushing his now erect cock into his former pupil's mouth. Colby thought it only proper to return the professor's favors done to him, and although inexpert, sucked the older man's cock the way he liked his own member throated.

He soon found the act of sucking the professor excited him and his own cock began to harden once again. So when the professor shot a thick wad of cum into his mouth, he thought nothing of it and swallowed politely. He was a bit wary of allowing the professor to fuck him in the ass, but he soon found that was an entirely pleasurable experience, particularly when the professor sucked him off afterwards and brought him to his third shattering orgasm of the night.

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