03 October 2014

Caught in the Act

I don't know whether this is meant to be a fine art erotic photograph or it was just not well done. Whatever the answer, I like it a lot.

Perhaps the reason is because this has a "caught in the act" feel to it. The photo suggests an erotic story.

One scenario that pops into my mind involves a married man in his late thirties who is visited by his now-grown college-age nephew. Both men have repressed gay emotions.

When the uncle accidentally walks in on his nephew whilst changing, desire and longing takes over. Soon they can't help themselves and are fucking madly on the couch.

And then the uncle's wife comes into the room. This is what she sees before screaming and passing out.

The source of this photograph remains a mystery, as does whether any more in a set exist. I ran it through Google's image search and nothing turns up.


  1. Anonymous07:23

    That really IS a gorgeous photo!!!

  2. Anonymous09:07

    Looks like one of those "love-in-the-afternoon massage
    moments" from recent Tyler Saint muscle daddy films

  3. Anonymous20:48

    How do you get that complex storyline from this picture? I'm not complaining at all! If there's anything I'm not seeing, please, please point out the subtle clues!!! I like the story you've suggested a lot!!!

  4. Anonymous11:22

    The top looks like Austin Wolf.


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