17 October 2014

King David

This big strapping lad is British model and TV personality David McIntosh. He's frequently in the tabloids, most recently because of these pictures, which were leaked by an ex-girlfriend. McIntosh doesn't seem to be particularly upset about it, because he's referenced them several times in recent comments on his Twitter feed.

McIntosh styles himself in public appearances now as King David. He's 28, 6'1", and 185 pounds. He has appeared on British television in several reality shows, including Celebrity Big Brother. The originals of these photos are larger and are archived here for free downloading.


  1. Anonymous06:25

    Gives me a boner. Awesome ass!

  2. Anonymous07:49

    Mi rey.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  3. Anonymous09:03

    I believe this guy had been dating some actress. . but I forget who she is. Hes hot. .. . obviously not bashful. I wonder if he has ever done porn?

  4. He is definitely HOOOOTTT! Makes Me Even Overlook all that Ink (WHY?)


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