08 October 2014

Real Men Bottom, Too

What I learned from this video: if you walk into a big empty field and lie down next to a hot bloke, he will instantly go home with you and let you fuck him. Now who says porn isn't educational?

Big brawny all-man Landon taking a fat one in the pooper is educational for the little guy in my pants, too. He's standing up right now, watching this carefully.

Many thanks to the sharp-eyed reader who spotted this on the Xvideos site. If you'd rather watch on the source or to download your own free copy of this film, you'll need to exit this blog and go click here.


  1. Anonymous05:35

    Quien no se rinde ante un hpmbre como Jarec.Amigo venezolano.Cucuta

  2. Anonymous22:08

    Landon has quickly become my favorite. So sexy. I hope he doesn't mar that beautiful body any further with tattoos.


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