05 October 2014

Patrick's Hungry Hole

Seems to be that Patrick is doing more and more bottoming these days. Was that something he always favored in his private life, or is porn awakening a new craving in him?

He claims he's straight and only gay for pay. Is he one of those lads who likes to fuck dudes -- or vice-versa -- yet insists that doesn't make him gay?

If you'd like to watch on the source site or to download your own free copy, please click here. Remember, these videos don't always stay up on the Xvideos site for long, so watch or grab now, because later might be too late.


  1. Anonymous06:37

    Este fue su primer debut como pasivo, la verdad es que yo creo que el aunque niegue reconocerlo le gusta sentir la polla de un hombre,ademas de disfrutar follarlos.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta.

  2. Anonymous22:42

    I know a lot of guys are tiring of Paddy based on the comments I see posted about him on various blogs. Not me though! I won't ever tire of seeing his naked, manly body. I actually prefer watching him bottom, too!! It's the ultimate "trade" fantasy come to life. ;)

  3. Anonymous17:05

    Hot sex between two good looking masculine muscled studs. What's there not to like?


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