23 July 2017

A Cavalcade of Lies

Thursday marked the six-month anniversary of Donald Trump being sworn into office as President. To commemorate the occasion, The Washington Post released their tally of all the substantive lies Trump has told in office (link here).

The six-month total stands at a whopping 836. That's almost five substantive lies a day, day in and day out.

What's interesting -- and disturbing -- is the fact that Trump isn't getting more honest. He's actually getting more deceitful.

A chart published in a linked-through page detailing all the lies shows that Trump has stepped up the pace of deceit. Two of the three days where he's told the most lies were in July 2017, the current month. As well, July 2017 is also the month where he's told more than five lies a day on more days than any other month.

This is not the first time I've done a post about Trump's habitual lying. It might seem like overkill at times, but there's good reason.

Why? The answer is simple: people still write to me or post comments here about how I'm wrong because Trump has said he's going to do this or that.

I'm wrong for not believing a chronic liar? Hello?

All politicians shade the truth from time to time. That's not news. But no national elected official has ever told lies with the pace, volume, and frequency of Donald Trump.

Given the frequency of his whoppers, we have to assume he's lying every time he opens his mouth. We may be proven wrong, but better to be pleasantly surprised than repeatedly conned and abused.


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