14 July 2017

Hiding Hate

Attorney General Jeff Sessions continues working hard to prove that Donald Trump is a liar when he claims to be pro-LGBT. Earlier this week, Sessions spoke to the LGBT-hating Alliance Defending Freedom, but the Department of Justice is refusing to release a transcript of the event.

The deceptively named Alliance Defending Freedom advocates recriminalization of gay sex, ending same-sex marriage, and removing all legal protections for LGBT citizens. The organization has been identified as a hate group by LGBT advocates.

The Daily Beast called the highly secretive Alliance "the deep-pocketed organization [that] has led the nationwide fight to redefine ‘religious liberty’ as the right to harm others" (link here)

The group is funding the anti-LGBT bakery in Colorado that refused to make a cake for a same-sex couple. That is the Masterpiece Cakeshop case now pending before the US Supreme Court (details here).

Hopefully a LGBT rights or other advocacy group will file a Freedom of Information demand with the Department of Justice to compel release of a speech transcript and, if they refuse, bring legal action to force disclosure.

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  1. This is such a «never ending story» in USA where you are mixed up in religious Christian extermists that are now in presence in Washington doing its devastating lobbying inside the White House.

    HATE seems to be the main spirit that is gliding over the presidential office. Trumpty Dumpty HATES so many things and seems he only loves IMSELF» and white straight Christian wealthy Americans.

    Such HATE groups would be prosecuted on court up here in Canada because our «RIGHTS and LIBERTIES» are part in the core of our Canadian Constitution since 1982.

    Things happening as you mention are unbelievable to us, Canadians.
    Our people are more acting in LOVE and ACCEPTANCE of the differences.

    That is the most important difference between USA and Canada: USA are based on HATING people that are not «Real Americans» when Canada is a country that is open to ALL people no regard of sex orientation, race or religion.

    Now, this said, I know that this isn't going on in ALL the USA states but must admit that HATE is spreading badly everywhere in USA.

    LGBT Rights are, as always in USA, in a «cha-cha» dance and it'll never change as long as «RELIGION» will be a big lobby and part of your politics and government in Washington and in many states.


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