06 July 2017


The Washington Post published a disturbing article yesterday (link here) about how Donald Trump refuses to read briefings prepared for him about Vladimir Putin and how he will head into their forthcoming meeting woefully unprepared.

Coupled with this is the revelation that the only way his staff can brief him is with short little tweet-sized sentences. On top of this, the linked article details about how Trump's incessant use of Twitter has actually now become dangerous.

Trump is famously arrogant and narcissistic. He think he's too smart to be outsmarted and has such superior skills and instincts that he doesn't need to be briefed or prepared for anything.

He also is known to eschew long, detailed meetings and extensive briefings. He wants very fast summaries so he can spend more time talking on the phone with friends and watching daytime television.

That's the equivalent of the student saying he's so smart that he doesn't need to study or even bother reading the assigned material or attend classes. Such hubris almost always ends in failure.

George W. Bush was a famously incurious President who read little and could only be briefed with one-page summaries. But those are encyclopedias compared to the two-sentence summaries that Trump wants.

If and when America faces a true crisis, be it a natural disaster or a terrorist strike, Trump will be woefully unready and unprepared, all the more so because he has refused to nominate replacements for nearly 75 percent of top staff jobs. He thinks he can wing any crisis without preparation or staff, and that's a recipe for disaster.

As is often said about such things: this will not end well.


  1. Anonymous06:23

    Que desastre.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. This moron is making the entire world a dangerous place. In contrary of his words, «America first», he is doing to opposite making the World first in danger.

    Such a ignorante in office of the most powerful country on the planet and "HE" doesn't even take advice before saying or doing something.

    USA and all the world are on a rollercoaster of what will happen next after one of his tweets or presidential papers signed in front of cameras like in a reality show.

    For the meeting with Putin, I'm sure that Putin is VERY WELL prepared to face Trumpty Dumpty clown. As a ex KGB chief, Putin is sureley quite aware by many intelligence services of WHO he will be talking to.
    I'd love to hear what kind of «clowny» exchanges they'll have.
    Putin will make ONE bite of Trumpty Dumpty for sure.

    Again, in regard of what is going on in Syria and North Korea, his lack of preparation and no knowledge of ALL the issues, is very concerning about how will this come out in actions and future developments.

    The WORLD is holding back its breath and PRAY that PEACE will be preserved.

    God help USA and US also.

  3. another fine choice :-)


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