29 July 2017


Early yesterday morning, the Senate failed for a third and last time to pass a version of Trumpcare, a tax cut for the wealthy disguised as a half-ass healthcare plan. It was an inglorious end to one of the worst pieces of legislation to writhe around in Congress in many a decade.

It was a spectacular defeat for Donald Trump. His own party controls both houses of Congress and they collectively couldn't deliver something after seven years of promising to do so.

Can you say "epic failure"?

Every day that another stake is driven into the Trump Administration the better. Let's hope this streak of failure continues uninterrupted.

The Washington Post was quick to memorialize the President's catastrophic defeat with a good piece that has a great headline: "Mark this date: Donald Trump is now a lame-duck President" (link here).

Senator John McCain delivered the mortal blow to the monster known as Trumpcare. That was poetic justice. Trump demeaned McCain's heroism as a prisoner of war, and the Arizona curmudgeon delivered a swift kick to the President's balls in retribution.

As the saying goes: revenge is a dish best served cold. Tuck in, Donald.


  1. Anonymous05:07

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  2. What is retaining your elected people and some experts in healthcare to GO OUT of USA and study the kind of universal healthcare that are well going on in many democratic countries as here in Canada, Australia or France for example.

    Is it out of your range to be able to provide such UNIVERSAL healthcare to ALL of USA's population ?

    I'm speechless to see you debating the question which turns around insurance private companies that are making profit on the back of the poorest people in USA and are demanding huge fees for small coverage.

    Stop spending money for space race, guns and a huge army etc...
    Be more careful for your own population.

    Are you blinded in looking to your own navel and not intelligent enough to go and see what is good in other countries than yours?

    As you mentioned, it's seems to be only about big money. Money for the most wealthy, the 1% of USA population while the 99% are struggling to survive.

    Your way of thinking about «Liberalism» or «Socialism» is so outdated and retrograd that you remain prisoner of the old capitalism way of thinking without evoluting for the best of those two economic point of view.

    USA is missing the train as most of the rest of the world evolutes faster and more into the 21st century.

    Yes, you have the technology, money but you're not evoluting in other fields.

    Trumpty Dumpty is even more isolating USA from the rest of the world and by doing this he is doing the contrary of his motto, Make America Grest Again.

    HE is making America more alone and no more great as it was in the past decade.


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