09 July 2017

Dangerous Times

The Daily Beast published a comprehensive article this week (link here) with the title "The Trevor Project Hears Every Day How President Trump Is Putting LGBT Teens In Danger."

If you're not already familiar with it, the Trevor Project is a nationwide suicide hotline for LGBT teens and youth aged 13 to 24. Since Trump became President, their call volume has reached record levels, double the previous numbers. In May of this year, they hit their all-time high.

Before Trump, many young people felt they were in a society that was gradually more accommodating and accepting. But no more. It's not one specific Trump act that has them on edge, but the overall level of incivility within his administration and the increasing demonization of anyone who isn't white, straight, and Christian.

Because my parents were fairly old when I was born, my teenage years as a sexually confused Brit in the American Midwest were entirely off their radar. They had passed away by the time I was in university, so gradually coming out was never an issue for me with family.

Unfortunately, far too few teens in America escape family conflict when they come out. In a more accepting society, that transition arguably is less difficult.

But in these less accepting times, as a result of hard-right LGBT-hating individuals welcomed in the White House, while a pro-LGBT presence is all but invisible there, being young and LGBT can seem overwhelming. It's like the Reagan years all over again but only worse.

Fortunately, Trevor is there to help in any way they can. For many teens, they're the only LGBT friend they have.

If you'd like to donate to the Trevor Project or to volunteer to help out, you should start here at their webpage.


  1. Anonymous04:47

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