04 July 2017

Destroying a Legacy

On this Independence Day, I recommend an excellent essay by Max Boot in Foreign Policy magazine (link here) with the title "We Didn’t Kick Britain’s Ass to Be This Kind of Country" and a deck of "Donald Trump’s abandonment of human rights is a repudiation of the country’s founding principles."

Boot inventories all of the world's dictators whom Trump has praised and all of America's traditional allies whom Trump has trashed. That is a travesty.

One is left wondering if Trump is contemptuous of democracy. Everything he says and does suggests that is the case. He did not win a majority of votes and actually lost the popular vote, yet ignores the majority of Americans who do not support him.

He mocks the free press. He belittles anyone expressing their constitutional rights to oppose him. He ignores the opinions of a vast majority of Americans on climate policy and healthcare, many who even voted for him.

Trump doesn't seem to want to be the President. He wants to be the dictator.


  1. Anonymous21:29

    Damn he's fine!


  2. have to say W O W! he is a hottie! :-)


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