03 July 2017


Donald Trump seems to have stepped off the plateau of reality this past weekend. First came his strange appearance at a supposed faith and patriotism rally where he spoke about his favorite topic: himself.

Condemning the media for refusing to shower him with the adoring praise he insists he's due, he concluded by saying arrogantly, "I’m president and they’re not" (details here).

In all candor, that sounds like something a spoiled child would scream in the middle of a tantrum.

Trump followed this by another truly bizarre incident: he tweeted a doctored video showing him savagely beating a man with a CNN logo on his head. This behavior was widely criticized by both Republicans and Democrats in Congress.

These incidents are deeply troubling for a variety of reasons. They demonstrate how, like a dictator, Trump is utterly contemptuous of a free press. They also seriously demean the office of the President. And perhaps the most worrisome, they suggest a man who may be seriously mentally ill and close to the point of breaking.

Richard Nixon was a disaster for many reasons. Trump, however, is making Nixon look mild in comparison.


  1. What is more to say when such childish behavior is coming from one of the most powerful man on Earth?

    I was, as many ones, so flabbergasted by what I saw on TV. More to hear some of his admirers telling that it was «normal» for "HIM" to respond to the «fake medias» that are «bullying» him in such bad ways.

    Come on Americans, remember how Obama was also bullied by many and more, by this «moron» that was even doubting of Obama being an American. Obama NEVER responded in such a childish way to all those offenses. He stood up in a presidential and respectful way like a great leader.

    Trumpty Dumpty even had the guts to say that it was: " The New way to be president.." Bullshit, BAD...

    The entire world is looking to your «Commander in Chief» and must admit that "HE" is judged by his actions and NOT in a good way.

    Among ALL of the world leaders, he is like a clown in the middle of sane people.

    Thank God, our Canadian leader is a noble and respectful one.

    God Save USA from the damages "HE" is going to do to you.

  2. Anonymous04:49

    Ay señor que mas pasara?. Amigo venezolano,Cucuta


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