28 March 2011

Don aka Jim aka Rick

You'll recognize Don aka Jim aka Rick, who was featured a few days ago in a solo set. He's back with a friend today in softcore action.

These are not the images I enjoyed in my college years where he was engaged in hardcore, explicit sex with a man. I honestly don't remember if it was the same partner seen here, because I was so focused on Don. The original porn collection of my youth was lost years ago in a fire, so hopefully some day I'll find that magazine again online. (For the record, it wasn't this set either, which I posted last year.)

If you'd like to download a free set of photo scans from the entire magazine issue in which this set appears, in addition to the ones with "Don" alone from a few days ago, be sure to click here.


  1. Very HOT no matter what named you used.


  2. Anonymous11:17

    Men were sure bendy in them black and white days.


  3. Anonymous15:15

    Thanks for all your excellent selections of material, I appreciate your efforts AND your great choices.

  4. Anonymous18:09

    I told you his name is Jim(Rick)Cassidy. He's pretty well known among porn aficionados. I don't ever recall him using the name Don professionally.


  5. Anon@18:09

    He's identified as "Don" in the magazine in which this photo spread originally appeared.


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