13 March 2011

Wardrobe Malfunction

I'm hoping this is a "legit" model who's doing something daring. That makes it more interesting for me than if he's a pornstar.

If he's not a pornstar, the pervert in me wants to know how this shot came to be. Was it his idea or the photographer's? Did he have to stimulate himself manually to get slightly hard or did the thrill of the moment bone him up?


  1. I fully agree with you on this. I have had in my collction for a while now. He is HOT one fucker. I do not know who he is iether, but I would love to get to know him better in every way.


  2. Anonymous08:21

    Hardly a "wardrobe malfunction" this. There is no wardrobe - there is no malfunction. My cock tells me this was meant to be. FUCK! This guy is hot!

    - John

  3. Anonymous08:36

    Porn star, --- Russo

  4. Anonymous11:03

    Peek-a-boo! His little friend is just poking out to say "Howdy". He's just being neighborly.


  5. Anonymous02:03

    This is Vic Rocco..What a stud

  6. Consulting many pictures of Vic Rocco, I see none with a shoulder tattoo. Unless Rocco very recently obtained a prominent tatt, it's not him.

  7. Anonymous17:48

    Smokin' hot.

  8. Damn! THis is part of the reason why I like torn jeans. Something always showing, peeking and.... gym shorts are just as hot and what a tease!

  9. Anonymous21:50

    OMG...everything is right about this guy. I don't care what his name is; I just want to squeeze & worship those thighs as I get too friendly with his big-headed teaser.

  10. So hot and sexy this one is! Even without the little peekaboo, his trimmed furry muscle-y torso is just begging to be manhandled! Add in his gorgeous pink nips and that plum of a cockhead and perfection!

  11. Anonymous08:25

    It IS Vic Rocco. See his latest JockButt Pics...same Tattoo. Scrotumlicker in Arizona


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