12 March 2011

Oval Office Tryst

I don't think Secret Service agents wear sunglasses indoors, but then again no one watches porn for authenticity. Big Alex has to be about one of the hottest Italians in smut history.


  1. Anonymous10:07

    Although a pierced and unshaven secret service man is probably a fantasy, the premise of this video may not be as outlandish as we might think. I'm sure if the walls of the oval office could talk, they would blush.


  2. Peter23:10

    like you say...who cares...I could watch Alex for hours on end, authentic or not in the situation, as long as he gets naked and we get to see that glorious ass and his sweet uncut cock on a body made in hell

  3. Anonymous07:40

    Follar estilo James Bom. Estilo!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous07:41

    Follar estilo James Bond.


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