29 March 2011

Hard Work

This is definitely a laborer I would hire. In fact, I'd simply have him dig pointless trenches in my hard so I could watch him.

I'd also want to know how long those jeans would last before they slid down on their own. Most times I don't like baggy jeans, but there are a few exceptions, and this lad is certainly one of them.

I'd also love to rub that tight fuzz on his head whilst he was down on his knees sucking me off. I could definitely deal with that.


  1. il peut venir faire des travaux chez moi quand il veux !!!

  2. While you're rubbing his head, I'll be going down on him! OMG

  3. Anonymous18:12

    And I will be sucking his nipples...

    - John

  4. I'D love him to «DIG» in me anytime....
    I'd be happy to «SHUFFLE» his HOLE with my tongue....
    Je serais très heureux qu'il me «CREUSE» avec son manche n'importe quand...
    J'aimerais bien explorer son petit trou rose avec ma langure.... MMM !!

  5. Paul05:18

    You and me both sister!


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